Chris Burke, Founder

“Lima Charlie” is a radio term for “Loud and Clear,” derived from the letters L and C in the NATO alphabet. I grew up hearing all sorts of military slang thanks to my retired Air Force grandfather and my Navy veteran dad, and while most of the terms are not fit to print (let alone name a company after), I always liked “Lima Charlie.” The name reflects my philosophy of listening to be sure I hear what’s required in any given situation, then turning around and delivering work that speaks for itself—loud and clear.

After starting out as an editor in the sports on-air promos world on the heels of graduating from Yale, I segued into directing, shooting, motion graphics design, and ultimately creating and executive producing projects for networks like A&E, Esquire, Food Network, Discovery and more.

I launched Lima Charlie Creative in 2020 to provide additional infrastructure for ongoing development and production in documentary, digital/branded, commercial, and non-profit work.  We are a boutique company operating with a small core team out the South Bay area of Los Angeles, and assembling crews as needed for productions of all sizes in any destination.

In addition to producing our own projects, we have strong emphasis on hosted post-production solutions for clients ranging from sports documentaries to FAST Channel launches to national commercials and marketing campaigns.  In-house capabilities are built around a Mac-based editing environment running the Adobe Suite and Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve off a central SSD server. 

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Clients include:

Amazon Studios, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Discovery Digital Studios, HGTV, United Airlines, Showtime Sports, DAZN, Massachusetts General Hospital, I AM ALS